Hafner have worked in the field of production measuring technology since 1928. Their wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of highly precise components and equipment forms the basis for the production of highly accurate and sturdy measuring machines today. Also, they profit from the fact that they have retained their production system that is founded on craftsmanship. Short decision paths and close proximity to the production combined with a flat hierarchy allows them to react quickly and flexibly to solve complex tasks.


Special measuring devices

The development and manufacture of special measuring devices for various workpiece categories is the core competency of Hafner. The workpiece categories include:

  • constant velocity joints

  • transmission parts

  • axel and steering parts

  • engine parts

  • wheels/rims

  • aluminum parts


Standard measuring equipment

Hafner's standard measuring equipment includes:

  • Gear Control: to measure all annular workpieces

  • Polaris: the universal measuring instrument for manufacturing

  • Contact angle measuring instrument: to measure the contact angle at ball hubs and joint housings

  • Two-ball measurement: standard measuring instrument for two-ball measurements and concentricity

  • Flexdorn: flexible measuring systems for bores


Standardised gauge parts

Hafner supply high-precision standard components for the design and manufacture of measuring instruments, systems and gauges. These include:

  • measuring slides

  • measuring levers

  • angular heads and extension insertions

  • holders for dial indicator

  • inserts and rod extensions

  • inductive probes


Pneumatic measurement technology

Pneumatic measurement equipment with air measurement nozzles is characterized by the following features:

  • contact-free readings

  • high resolution

  • little space required

  • compact components without moving parts

  • electronic processing of readings possible

By arranging the measurement nozzles accordingly, form tolerances such as cylinder shapes, cone angles, and straightness, etc., can be measured in addition to the diameter.

HAFNER manufactures nozzle measuring pins and nozzle measuring yaws on the basis of customer drawings.

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