SuPAR™ is revolutionizing quality control by leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology to streamline product inspections. Inspectors seamlessly overlay digital product models onto the physical world, making defect identification and documentation more efficient.


AR Visual Inspection: Transforming Quality Control

AR Visual Inspection is a groundbreaking technology reshaping the landscape of quality control. Operators overlay CAD data onto physical objects, creating a unique environment for inspections. This innovation boosts inspection efficiency, enhancing productivity. AR Interactive Inspection empowers operators to swiftly identify and diagnose issues, reducing inspection times. The integration of the virtual and real worlds through AR opens new frontiers in quality control and visual inspection, leading to more effective and efficient processes.


AR-Based Inspection System: Key Advantages

    Swift Error Detection: SuPAR™ employs AR technology for real-time issue identification, enabling immediate corrective actions. This early detection saves time and resources.

    Quick Setup: In contrast to traditional visual inspection methods, SuPAR™ requires minimal setup time, allowing operators to initiate inspections promptly without lengthy preparation.

    Versatile, Digital, and Mobile: SuPAR™ adapts effortlessly to diverse environments, making it suitable for inspections across various locations, including manufacturing plants and supplier sites.

Revolutionizing Visual Inspection

Inspection / Review: Nominal CAD overlap in AR, Nominal edge overlap in AR, Existing edge image processing in AR, Virtual drawing tool on component in AR

Documentation / Reporting: Note points in AR, Dock photos to note points, Automated creation of Excel comment lists, Fast checkpoints in AR, Predefined symbols and texts

Communication: Microsoft TEAMS connection, Digital twin in AR (hologram), 3D viewer for the digital twin, Interface to database – communication notes


3-in-1 Software: SuPAR™ Suite

SuPAR™ Composer automatically generates tracking geometry from CAD data, enabling predetermined tracking of assembly components. These components can be easily identified during the inspection process. Users can also create inspection templates using Composer to guide inspectors, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient inspection process.

SuPAR™ Web Viewer allows everyone to access and review 3D visual inspection reports for free via any web browser, including mobile devices. It displays all inspection details, such as photos and notes, directly on the 3D model, making analysis and interpretation more accessible.

SuPAR™ App enables interactive inspection of components using augmented reality technology. Defects are instantly recorded in 3D format and simultaneously reported digitally in PDF and Excel, complete with images and comments for easy analysis and sharing.

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