Aberlink Horizon 1000 CMM


Extending The Linear Drive Horizon

Drawing upon the tremendous success of the Horizon 800, the Horizon 1000 has a larger X-Y-Z axis travel whilst utilising the same frictionless linear drives.

The entire design of the Horizon 1000 has been optimised to take full advantage of parts already used on the Horizon 800 whilst improving the stiffness-to-weight ratio across the bridge assembly. Most notably: The Y-axis rail is 200mm taller so that the same right-hand-side linear drive system is common and improves rigidity; the carriage assembly has reduced in size and weight, without compromising metrology performance, to improve the stiffess-to-weight ratio; the Z-axis motor has increased power to optimise its performance; the left-hand-side air bearing assembly has a custom extruded profile to keep weight to an absolute minimum and maintain stiffness.

Product Specs

Motion: CNC
Axis Travel (mm): X 1000 | Y 1200, 2000, | Z 800
Accuracy: TP20 (1.9 + L/250)µm | TP200 (1.8 + L/250)µm | SP25M (1.75 + L/250)µm
Table: Solid Granite
Load Capacity: 1000kg
Max. Velocity Vector: 1020mm/sec²
Max. Acceleration Vector: 1020mm/sec²

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