Aberlink Fulcrum Manual CMM


Accurate Inspection Right Next To Your Machine Tool

Now with an extended 3-year warranty as standard!

Inspect your parts through every step of the manufacturing process.

The Fulcrum is a revolutionary manual CMM, by employing three rotary axis Aberlink have created a compact and portable design enabling it to be used where it is needed, on the shop floor near your machine tools.

Designed to optimize inspection as parts come off the machine one op at a time, feeding back to the machining process at the earliest opportunity, before final inspection, before more expense.

A simpler user interface has been developed for Aberlink measurement software, making it even easier to use on a manual CMM, while retaining full functionality. After manually scanning the part, critical features are automatically recognized, and dimensions automatically displayed.

Available now, the Fulcrum can be supplied with our bespoke star styli kit. Star styli available from other leading manufacturers were not stiff enough and affected the CMMs accuracy. The bespoke styli ensures excellent metrology performance and accessibility to side-face features measured in the X-Z or Y-Z projection planes. The kit includes the calibration artifact, 3mm star stylus and a 6mm star stylus.
Intuitive software and innovative design means you’ll be measuring your parts within minutes of switching on the Fulcrum CMM, even with no prior operating experience. It will quickly become the tool of choice for jump-on, ad-hoc inspection, whether checking 1st off inspection, small batch quality control, or setting CNC machines. The Fulcrum is the easiest CMM to learn and use.

Product Specs

Axis Travel (mm) X 280 Y 280 Z 150
Overall Size (mm) X 335 Y 830 Z 725
Motion Manual
Suitable For Shop Floor/Inspection Room
Volumetric Accuracy 5.0µm
Scale Resolution 1.15μrad
Optimum Temp Range 18 - 22°C
Operational Temp Range 5 - 45°C
Air Required? No
Aberlink Camera support No

Product Details

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